Here’s How it Works!

Less Hunger= Less Eating= More Weight Loss

South Beach Weight Loss health professionals will prescribe eligible* patients either the medication semaglutide, or tirzepatide.

Both work by mimicking the natural hormone that targets a region of your brain that regulates hunger. It also affects the speed that your body moves food through your GI tract, making you feel full longer. As a result, patients taking these medications eat less because they have less hunger. And when you eat less, you lose weight.

Both are taken by once-weekly self-Injections in the privacy of your home. You will receive detailed instructions inside your package.
*BMI must be 27 or higher to be eligible for our programs. To calculate your BMI, please refer to the FAQ Page…

Semaglutide and tirzepatide are being called a ‘game changers’ within the weight loss industry…

Why Dieting And Exercise Don’t Always WorkWhy Dieting And Exercise Don’t Always Work

Dieting and exercise can be effective, but most people don’t meet their weight loss goals because restrictive diets and intense exercise can be challenging to sustain for the amount of time necessary to achieve significant results – even for people with a lot of willpower. By contrast, the South Beach Weight Loss programs utilize the prescription drugs, semaglutide and tirzepatide which reduce hunger and cravings. While using these medications, you’ll feel less hungry, you will want to eat less and therefore you will lose weight. With our program, you can still eat the foods you enjoy. You will simply desire less of them. So, you can still enjoy eating your favorite foods while losing weight.

Of course, we also encourage patients to choose nutritious foods and to participate in healthy exercise. However, with South Beach Weight Loss, using either our compounded semaglutide or tirzepatide medications are the keys to losing weight quickly and easily!

Toss The Restrictive Diets And Grueling Exercise Routines, And Let South Beach Weight Loss Help You Look and Feel the Way You’ve Always Wanted To!